The WI- Flyers (Farnborough) 2024 Programme

DateWhat's onLinks
24 January 2024Let's talk Resolutions and Campaigns with Helen TysonOur Campaigns | National Federation of Women's Institutes (
28 February 2024Board Games 
27 March 2024It's Easter - Easter Egg decorating 
24 April 2024History of The Basingstoke Canal with Roger CansdaleThe Basingstoke Canal Society – Guardians of the Basingstoke Canal (
22 May 2024Annual Meeting with 'Evening Tea' 
26 June 2024Women's Health with Seated Yoga with Kathryn SchlebienThe Glean Life | Private Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Services
24 July 2024Outside activity 
28 August 2024'Elizabeth Garrett Anderson' talk with Ian Porter 
25 September 2024Kate from Fleet Scoop 
23 October 2024TBC 
27 November 2024Christmas Wreaths  TBC