Programme for 2024

3rd January - Belinda Butler - Hula Hooping

plus Resolutions

7th February - HSL - Wellbeing Event

6th March - Stuart Judd - The Making of TV Documentaries

3rd April - Heather Wylde - Anyone can paint a Tiger, trust me!

1st May - Jane Glennie - How do you take yours?

5th June - Annual Meeting plus a visit from one of Barroni's Ice cream vans - ice creams are on us

3rd July - Streetscene will be coming along to talk to us about local recycling projects

7th August - A Tea Dance with Belinda Butler

4th September - An Indian Childhood with Rachel Hicks

2nd October - Happy 10th Birthday Village People (Alverstoke) WI

6th November -  Sea Shanties - Andy Jackson

4th December - David Stocker will be giving a talk on Beatrix Potter